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    Flex AMF Classmapping

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      Hello Everyone,

        I am using amfphp and Flex.  My remote classes all have an alias, linking them to the classes returned by the service.  However, some of the classes aren't being converted to their AS3 counterparts on the Flex side.  I used Charles, and can see that the class typing is correct and is being sent over the wire.   I compared the alias names , to the $_explicitType and they are the same. 


      What can I do to further inspect the deserialization process to see why this one value object is not being deserialized to its AS3 counterpart.  The class that isn't being deserialized resides in an array if that helps.




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            It turns out that if you don't have a concrete reference to a class during compile time, it won't be included in the executable.  So even though there was a Clown.as class, there wasn't a instance declared anywhere ( var bozo:Clown ).  So when the amf deserializer saw the clownService return a clown, it didnt find the class to create.