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    "Multiple Crop" in Fireworks?



      I just purchased Design Premium, and I am really liking Fireworks for my Web development.


      But there is one function I am curious about.


      Is it possible to crop several areas of a document at a time, then export each of those pieces?  If it's possible, I can't seem to figure it out.




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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          1. Add a Slice (with Slice Tool (K)) for each area you want to export;

          2. Select all the Slices via Layers Panel > (click root) Web Layer (to Select All of them) or hold Ctrl/Command to select particular slices under the Web Layer;

          3. Right Click on any selected Slice on the Canvas > choose Export Selected Slice;

          4. In the Export dialog: ensure Export: Images Only and Selected Slices is ticked; The remaining options is up to pending on where your slices exist;


          Before applying the above select each slice and in the Property Inspector set your Optimization preset of choice (.gif, jpg etc), if they are to be exported to different formats or select all the slices and in the Property Inspector set all thee slices to one Optimization export preset format (gif or jpg etc)



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            MatthewSchenker Level 1


            Thanks for the help.  Using slices is slightly different from cropping, which I was hoping to do, but it achieves the same ends.


            I am getting up to speed quickly with Fireworks (as well as Illustrator and InDesign).


            Thanks again,