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    Importing latest Pantone swatches to CS5


      I've been trying to figure out how to import the latest Pantone swatch libraries to CS5 (mostly for InDesign and Illustrator). I tried installing the Pantone Plus Digital Libraries (http://www.pantone.com/pages/Pantone/Pantone.aspx?pg=20721) but it didn't do anything.


      I discovered the libraries were not up to date when the company I work for received a branding guide that listed a Pantone swatch none of us could enter. We looked at our libraries and realized the swatch numbers didn't go high enough.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          I had the same issue. Thanks for the link. I had hunted a few different places for them on the web and found the link in your post here in the forums. On mine, when I installed them, (Windows) the installer found my CS installations and placed the swatches into the appropriate swatch folders. If you had the program opened when you installed them, you might have needed to quit and reload since the swatches are loaded at program launch. They show up as Pantone + in the "color books" folder. If you've installed the Goe palettes they're outside of the colorbooks folder by default with the Pantone installer.