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    PageItem.asynchronousExportFile not working

    Peter Celuch Level 4

      Hey there,


      I'm trying to export PageItem (TextFrame for instance) to bitmap (JPG) asynchronously, so my computer wouldn't freeze while working.

      I looked in the manual and found that PageItem instance has function called asynchronousExportFile.


      I've used PageItem.exportFile a lot, so I thought that PageItem.asynchronousExportFile would work too. Unfortunately, I got runtime error.

      Any ideas how to use this function without runtime error?




      var task:BackgroundTask = pageItem.asynchronousExportFile(ExportFormat.JPG, myFile, false);





      Error: This file format cannot be exported asynchronously
           at flash.external::HostObject/__call()
           at com.adobe.csawlib::CSHostObject/hostCall()
           at com.adobe.indesign::PageItem/asynchronousExportFile()