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    Dynamic text not updating


      This seems like a simple problem, but I can't find any explanations as to why this is happening.


      I want a menu with buttons, that when you rollover a button, text at  the bottom of the menu shows a little explanation of the button. In each  of my buttons I have something like this:

      on (rollOver) {_global.tool="Speed"; trace(_global.tool);}
      on (rollOut) {_global.tool=""; trace(_global.tool);}


      I traced to see that the variable really is being updated when it's  supposed to, and it is. Problem is, the text at the bottom of the frame  isn't. It's dynamic text with the variable set as "_global.tool" At the  beginning of the flash I set _global.tool="none"; and it shows up as  "none" even when _global.tool has changed.  If I leave the menu and come back, then it has updated, but I need it to update while I'm on the menu.



      Hope I explained well and that someone can help. Thanks in advance.