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    Flex AdvancedDataGrid: How to change the position of the sort item

    TejasJani123 Level 1

      Hi golks,


      I am trying to change the position of the sort item which is a child of the column header in Flex AdvancedDataGrid. Currently the sort arrow seems be always aligned to the right inside a column header.


      I am looking through the updateDisplayList() of AdvancedDataGridHeader, which it seems like the sort item's position is determined. But I see now way to override that behaviour in subclasses. I dont even see a way to get hold of the sortItemRendererInstance for a specific column header as it is a private instance variable.


      Seems like the DataGrid atleast has the placeSortArrow() method which can be overridden for this. Is there anything equivalent in AdvancedDataGrid ?


      Is there anything else which allows me to do this ? Any help would be great.


      thanks in advance