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    Updating files from the web



      I am looking for a way to download a set of files from a server and overwrite existing files on the client with a single click of a button.


      There will be 6-10 files on my webserver that will be updated but static in name/location.  I want to have a sleek window that AIR can provide with a simple button that says update and it will contact the server, download the files and replace them (in a static location as well) without asking the user to save the files somewhere or are you sure you want to overwrite.  Kind of like updating flash player once you hit next it goes.


      Anyone know if this is possible and have some code?


      I have referenced http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=17_Networking_and_communications_9 .html and don't want another file like an external .as to be downloaded for the client machines, just a single air app that opens and runs.