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    Error 1406 when installing Adobe Reader 10


      We have rolled out Adobe Reader 10 to about 300 workstations.  About 6 of them so far are failing to install due to a 1406 Error see;



      adobe 1.png


      Another error of the same flaver follows this one, but does not list a key name.


      When deploying with GP it simply fails.  If installed mannualy and the errors are ignored it appears to still work.  When looking at the registry it appears there is no 18DF081C... key to write the NoExplorer value to.  These machines do not have Reader installed according to the Add/Remove Programs.  I do know that at one time Reader 8 was installed.  I suspect that the first time through with this GPO it removed the old reader.  I am guessing there is some kind of trash left someplace.  I have tried a registry cleaner, but it did not help.  Anyone run into this?