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    Transform object: resize from center?

    bearcatnat Level 1


      I am just getting back into using Flash after not using it for about 5 years. I'm having an issue with the simplest thing! I want to be able to type pixel values into the Properties panel to transform/resize an object from the OBJECT CENTER as reference point.


      If I use the transform tool, it uses the center of the object as the reference. However, if I do as above and type values into the Properties width/height, the object transforms with the top left corner as reference. If I need two or more objects sized exactly the same, or if I want to do a "zoom in" effect, using the transform tool is very ineffecient!


      My object seems to be showing that the center is set as the reference point (white circle in center of object). Also, the objects I am working with are jpg's and psd's imported to the library, and made into movie clip symbols.


      Am I missing something???