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    PPro CS5 rendered timeline keeps needing to be re-rendered upon open

    SJurick Level 1

      I have a project with 10 tracks of video.  What's happening is that if I spend the time to render the timeline to get all green and yellow bars above my project, if I save, exit and re-open the project, the same set of red bars are there and I have to re-render them again.  Is this a bug or do I need to set something differently in my settings?




           Memory - set to optimize for Memory

           Media Cache Files - Save Media Cache files next to originals when possible / Location (same volume as Vid/Aud Previews are on) / Media Cache Database (same volume as Vid/Aud Previews are on)


      Scratch disks:

           Captured Video / Audio same as project

           Video / Audio Previews on seperate internal disk


      System specs:

      Mac Pro 4,1 4-core 2.93GHz

      OS 10.6.5

      16GB RAM

      ATI Radeon HD 4870

      Premiere Pro CS5 5.0.3