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    Roto Brush Freeze Issue


      The roto brush tool is working great for me at selecting my subject but once I'm done and select "freeze" all of the selection goes away and none of the work that i've done is there.  I can look in both the comp window or the layer window and none of the roto brush info/transparency is there.  As soon as I unfreeze it, it all comes back and the correct transparency is there.  The same effect takes place whether I am looking at the selection in the segmentation boundry window, alpha channel or the red alpha overlay.  Please help! 

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          TPhoto Level 1

          Ok, so I made a new composition (the original had a few different layers in it) and drug the original movie into it.  I then copied the roto brush effect into the new comp and hit freeze and voila it worked!  I still don't understand why it won't in my original comp.  Could the cache be filled up or something?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            No idea, but could somehow relate to your other layers in the original comp. I would almost rule out cache issues, as the media cache is tied to the source footage and if there was anything, it would have affected your new comp as well. AE's otehr caches are not persistent, so that can also be very much ruled out...