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    How to animate a combo box?

    bitwyse Level 1
      I have a combo box that get's populated from a web service. This may happen in the background as the user is doing other tasks.

      I would like the combo box to jiggle or bounce up and down when it receives it's data. Can anyone offer some insights into how to do this?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Do it in the resultHandler function.

          You could use the mx:Move effect.
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            check out all these effects. they're relatively easy to use and look great. whenever you change the dataProvider of the combobox you could trigger the effect or something to that extent..

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              bitwyse Level 1
              Thanks for the suggestions all. I found the rotate effect to work just great. Here is the code I used for anyone else that's interested:

              In my web service call that updates the combo box, I declare the jiggle function on the result:
              <mx:operation name="getControlsProjects" resultFormat="object" result="jiggleComboBox()">

              public function jiggleComboBox() : void

              <mx:Rotate id="jiggleStart" target="{cbxProjects}" angleTo="3" effectEnd="jiggleEnd.play()" duration="100" repeatCount="10"/>
              <mx:Rotate id="jiggleEnd" target="{cbxProjects}" angleTo="-3" effectEnd="jiggleReset.play()" duration="100"/>
              <mx:Rotate id="jiggleReset" target="{cbxProjects}" angleTo="0"/>

              I love to watch that combo box jiggle up and down. LOL

              Thanks again all!