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    Automation for AIR

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      We are looking at a number of products for AIR automation.  Does anyone have a good example of how to instrument AIR applications for automation.  We are currently looking at RIATest as a testing product.  I was unable to find whether or not HP QTP (which seems to be the Adobe recommended auto-testing tool) supports AIR applications.  Part of the issue we are facing is the vast number of custom components we use in our desktop app.

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          Can you provide some additional information? The question you're asking is a little vague, and you're not really giving us much to work with.


          What sort of automation?

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            Roy.P. Level 1

            We are using FlexBuilder3 with 3.4.1 sdk (soon to upgrade to FlashBuilder4.x).  We are looking at creating automated test scripts (similar to what I have read in the Adobe docs for HP QTP) but have AIR applications that have many custom components (several are drag and drop compatible).  All of the documentation that I have read for automated testing, except one vague line, references the use of Flex (and specifically HP QTP, on a browser) rather than AIR (desktop).  Do the examples in the Adobe docs apply to both Flex and AIR applications?  We are evaluating an automated test scripting tool that specifically mentions support of AIR applications, HP QTP does not make mention of support of AIR applications.  (HP was not very helpful in answering my question -- they disconnected my call.)