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    Open a Flash Catalyst file with new Panini?

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      I put myself under the bracket of a designer, although have the skills to use flash professional, using as3 but have fount using flash catalyst to be a breathe of fresh air as I can stay well away from code and achieve quick basic outcomes. My only issue I have is when getting Panini and now I am itching to use the new features, especially a simple design I have done for a webpage and I need the new resizable feature to completely make it complete.


      I realise there is yet the possibility of opening an old file into the new Panini, although in the future there will be... but I kinda need it now and I get the obvious error below:


      This preview version of Flash Catalyst Panini cannot upgrade Flash Catalyst CS5 projects. This feature will be enabled in a future build.

      To open this project, open the FXP in Flash Builder Burrito, resolve Flash Catalyst compatibility issues, and then Export as a new Flash Builder Project (.FXP)


      Now I have Burrito and have stared longaly at the code but don't know where to start, is there anyone who could help me out? I am a student so have no access to a developer as such and the design is only for a friend but would apprecaite the help, not much the way in tutorials on cutting edge tech!