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    Header Image Issues


      I am doing this website in Dreamweaver and using a liquid page with header, sidebard and footer


      I need to put two images in the header
      one a banner with my logo
      and the second one is a bar


      i need both images to go the length of the page and i do not want any space in between the header and the sidebar. How do i accomplish this?
      Since they are both images, it does not let me put it to 100% width, only in pixels and i do not know what size to put to effectively have it the width of the page in most browsers...


      any ideas?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Your logo shouldn't expand the length of the page.  It just can't happen with the way graphics work because as you stated, it is rendered in pixels.  There are some possibilities down the road with SVG, but it's not accepted by most browsers so I won't bother explaining.


          As far as a bar goes, you can set the image as a background and repeat the image to fill the entire width.  The following page will give you a good tutorial on setting the background-image and repeat using CSS.



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            azusue Level 1

            okay......then............my banner is in white background so i could put the header with white background and then not worry about making the banner the exact width of the page.


            however how could i do my bar then because my bar needs to be red............. is there maybe a way to insert it as an image in between the header and the sidebar...however i have the same issue because again i cannot make it the entire width of the page. how can i insert another section similar to header that goes all the lenght, i'll just make it very thing (like a bar) and change that background to red, instead of putting in an image. is there a way to do this?

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              azusue Level 1

              actually i added another div header2 and use that in between the header and sidebard with the red background and works perfectly


              but my main header (where i have the logo banner) is what i now have problems with, because in IE 8.0  it comes up way differently and the image i have in the far right , comes up in the middle..............any ideas for this?


              i couldnt put two images (one in the left and one in the right in this div header section, could i? at the same level i mean?