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    cs3 doc to cs5 doc

    Jaswin Level 1

      Hi FellowScripters


      Is there any property/method/function to save an InDesign cs3 document to cs5 version.


      I have lot of cs3 files and I need to upgrade those files (as books) to cs5, opening with cs5 version. I tried with normal save function but error occurs.





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          Mi_D Level 3

          try below code


          var myFolder=File("D:/New_Folder/")

          app.scriptPreferences.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevels.neverInteract;

          var myFile=(myFolder).getFiles("*.indd");

          for(var count=0; count<myFile.length; count++)


                          var myDoc=app.open(File(myFile[count]), true);

                          var store=myFile[count];

                          var temp1=String(store).lastIndexOf("/");

                          var temp2=String(store).substring(temp1+1);

                          var temp3 =temp2.split(".indd")[0];

                          var temp4=temp3+".indd";

                          myDoc.save(File("d:/New_Folder/New Folder"+"/"+temp4));