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    Programmatic skinning, charts and images.  Oh My!

      So here is a sample of the code I'm working with:
      for (var i:int = 0; i< numBlocks; i++) {
      var tmpImg:Image = new Image();
      tmpImg.source = "test_disc_one.png";
      tmpImg.y = startY - (8*i);
      tmpImg.blendMode = BlendMode.NORMAL;
      trace("["+i+"]: " + this.parent);

      This code is triggered when updateDisplayList() is called on the ColumnSeries within my chart. (<mx:ColumnSeries id="actualColumn" yField="Score" name="actual" itemRenderer="com.test.IconicBlockRenderer" />) I'm trying to display the png for each datapoint on the graph. There is some tweaking and programmagic stuff behind it (determine different images and such based on values) . I have tried using graphics.beginBitmapFill() with bitmaps but whereever the images intersect becomes transparent. And calling parent.addChild above locks the player into and endless loop. I'm at a loss on this one. Any help thoughts, pointing of directions would be helpful.

      I should also mention that the code itself works. When dropped into <mx:Application><mxScript> it works like a charm. When I tried moving it into the chart renderer all I got was empty space the images don't show up.

      Additionally, is it even possible to pass parameters to the renderer? Meaning is it possible to do something *like*
      <mx:ColumnSeries id="actualColumn" yField="Score" name="actual" itemRenderer="com.test.IconicBlockRenderer(tArray)" />