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    Sticky notes can not be seen


      Adobe reader 9.4.1.


      Someone has sent back an PDF to me with sticky notes yet I am not able to see any of the sticky notes.


      When I go to tools->Customize Toolbars... it will not let me enable "Comment & Markup Toolbar".  Apparently this is because document rights are not enabled!


      I have no option to "Enable document rights".


      Documentation in the knowledge base seems to state I need to go to the "Advanced" tab but I do not have a tab of this name or similar name.


      The original PDF was created by myself using Microsoft Word 2007 using the "save as" option and specifing an PDF format.


      It appears that I would need to purchase Acrobat which is $299.  Is there no reasonable options to read these stickly notes?

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          If sticky notes were already present in the PDF then it is surprising why Reader 9.4.1 can't render them.


          BTW you cannot "Enable document rights" using Reader you need to buy Acrobat for that . But if you just want to enable commenting, try Adobe Reader X which provides you with Sicky notes and highlighter for free and they can be added to any normal PDF