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    Video Transitions Menu Changes


      When I first go the the Video Transtions Effects menu I see a list of all the types of transitions, including those from third party plugins. I go to one of my supplies group of transions, e.g. "New Blue 3D Explosions" (see picture one below). Once I finish with the effect I want to go back to the same menu. However when I use the back arrow to return to the menu instead of the effects folders I get details of the individual effects rather than the overall envelope of the third party effects group (see picture two).

      How do I return to the menu in picture one?


      Note: The menu shown in picture two is not the same as the catagory shown in picture one. I photographed the wrong catagory in the second picture.The point is the same however.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      12-8-2010 7-51-18 PM.jpg


      12-8-2010 7-49-27 PM.jpg