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    Weird behaviour when changing base class of a symbol

      Hi folks,

      I have an ActionScript class called Gem, which is declared as extending flash.display.MovieClip.

      If I link a library symbol to it with:

      Class: Gem
      Base Class: flash.display.MovieClip

      then it works fine. But if I link it instead with:

      Class: Gem1
      Base Class: Gem

      Then I get an error message saying that Gem is required to subclass flash.display.MovieClip. Which is odd because, um, "extends flash.display.MovieClip" is right there in the declaration. In fact, as I'm told, the first attempt wouldn't work if Gem wasn't a MovieClip subclass. Why do I even need to specify the Base Class in linkage when it can be gotten from the inheritance tree of the specified Class? Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and what does the Base Class really represent?