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    CS5 hangs trying to render near 3000x4000 PSD file


      I have been trying to figure out what makes premiere cs5 hang when attempting to render photoshop file with 3000x4000 pixels.  there are 3 tracks on the sequence(1920x1080 AVCHD).

      video track 1 - looping background (1920x1080)

      video2 - layer from photoshop files arranged in sequence with cross dissolves between clips

      video3 - another layer from the same photohop file(s) on video2 also with cross dissolves between clips, same duration and beginning time with its corresponding layer in video2.


      the PSDs vary in sizes from 15MB to 49 MB but all have the same 3000x4000 pixel dimensions with document sized 10 inches x 13.333 at 300 pixels/inch resolutions.  I had to import psd layers separately and on different video tracks as they have different motions.  But they are arranged to play simultaneous with same durations.


      the sequence will mostly be in yellow, indicating that premiere thinks it can play the sequence in realtime and yes, it does, at least for most of the footages in yellow, altho those without colors(no red indicators present) tend to be sluggish at times,

      The problem starts whenever I select "render entire work area".  Once rendering comes to the frame that starts the cross-dissolve between 2 PSDs it just stops rendering and premiere ceases to respond to the "cancel" button on the render dialoge box.  Thing is, it seems to happen only on a cross-dissolve nvolving 2 PSDs with either one or both having sizes of more than 40MB.




      Can anyone help me out on this?


      System Specs:

      Core2Duo e7500 2.93 Mhz

      6Gig memory (Kingston and GEIL DDR2-800)

      Asus P5WDG2-WS Pro mainboard

      Nvidia GTX460

      6 Hard Drives

          Maxtor 6L300S0

          Seagate ST3320613AS

           WDC WD 10 EADS

           WDC WD1001FALS

           WDC WD10EADS

           WDC WD2500KS


      Onboard HD Audio (active)

      Creative Audigy soundcard  (active)

      Gigabyte ODIN 550 Power Supply

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          {KMS} Level 2

          Are you using the Mercury Playback "Hack"?  I have gone around and around with large images on the timeline.  I started out with a GTS 250 that did not handle large images at all, but so far my GTX 460 has done great.  If you are using the hack, I bet that it will render in "Software Mode".  There is a file size limit that can be processed with the Mercury Playback Engine related to the amount of memory the GPU can access.


          Is there a reason why you are using PSD files over a jpeg?  If you converted them to .jpg I think you would have better luck due to the smaller file sizes.  PSD file sizes are much larger...could help reduce the memory requirements.



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            shooternz Level 6

            For what purpose are the psd files so large?


            When you cross dissolve 2 x 49mb frames you are "processing almost 100mb per frame.


            Do it in AEFX if it is really important to use such large frames.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I agree with Craig. That is a lot of pixels to push around, and also that AE will handle the task much better, than will PrPro, should you require that size for your animations.


              If you do not need THAT many pixels for the Motion>Position, this ARTICLE will give you tips on doing the Scaling with automation in PS. As of CS5, you can ignore the discussion on the quality differences of the Scaling algorithms in PS vs PrPro.


              Good luck,



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                Vinz112011 Level 1


                This is a reply i did to another topic as I mentioned having this problem


                "There are 9 PSDs, it can  successfully process some of them, despite the fact that they are of the  same pixel dimensions (3000x4000 pixels at 300 pixels per inch).  The  only difference is the file size of the PSDs.  Curiously, I was able to  pull it off a week ago.

                The PSDs were created as posters for an  event and the specs were required by the print shop.  Due to time  constraints  I decided to use the layers on them to be consistent with  the theme of the event(same fonts, styles, pictures), altho each layer  has a different animation(text from left while image from right)  hence  the two video tracks for each PSD.

                Like I said, I was able to pull  it off in the nick of time, say 45 minutes before the event (thanks for  the mercury playback and GTX460).  Problem is, I dont exactly remember  what I did, I might have reduced the resolution (dpi or dimension) of  one or two PSDs by a notch and left others untouched.  Premiere crashed  at the next video project so I can't find the right project file that  worked, or it may have crashed before I could save after exporting.  At  the moment I'm just trying to figure out what caused the trouble so I  can avoid it in the future.

                I do realize that using Jpeg instead  of PSDs wouldv made things simpler, but I didnt have the luxury of time  to convert, recreate each layer as separate jpg, reposition in premiere  all those 9 files.  My main goal right now is knowing the limitations of  premiere with regards to the hardware I have."



                I guess I have to familiarize myself more with AE so I could be ready when the need arises.  I try to stay away from it whenever I feel premiere could do the job or with the help of another application like photoshop or a plugin.


                Thanks for the quick replies, it helps

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Please continue this discussion in the other thread.  It has more in-depth and relevant responses than this one, and I don't want the responders and the searchers to have to track 2 topics involving the same players.  Here's the link:




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