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    Stuttering when loading JPG in AS3

    JC de Blok



      I'm developing a cube-panorama player with as3, it works great but I'm facing one little problem.


      Each panorama-cube contains 6 faces with a 1600x1600px image textured on each one.


      These images are loaded externaly and while it all works, flash seems to stutter when it finishes loading an image. Since this is a timelapse panorama player it will load at least 18 images for 3 cubes (previous, current  and next panorama) so for the first 20 seconds or so when it loads them the navigation isnt very smooth. Each time a image is completed it hangs for a about half a second. this doesnt seem much but it doesn't delever a smooth expirence.


      To try and isolate the problem I took the loader code (almost direct copy/paste from the manual) and put it into a empty project and put simple tweened animation on stage.. there the stuttering happens as wel.


      Then I've schecked other panorama players (krpano and flashpanoplayer) and while they only load 6 images for one cube you can clearly see those players stuttering as well until all images are loaded.  ( see for example:  http://krpano.com/krpano.html?pano=panos/kirche/kirche.xml )


      If I use smaller images the delay get shorter, using large images makes it worse. So what is happening internally and can I do anything about it?