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    How can I re-apply the 5.03 patch?

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      I've asked this already in the CS5 5.03 update discussion, so aplogies for the repetition, but I thought I'd start a new thread.


      I've had to roll back Win 7 to a time prior to 5.03 installation.  I'm now back to 5.02 and can't reinstall 5.03.  If I click the update button within PP tells me that all applications are up-to-date.  So it would appear that the AAM is not detecting that I'm back to an earlier version.


      When I manually try to install 5.03, the progress bar does not move, nor the percentage increase.  However, after about 30 seconds, I'm informed that the update has completed successfully - but it hasn't!  It is still on version 5.02.


      Help.  Can anyone please tell me how to re-apply the 5.03 patch without reinstalling PP?  Thanks.