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    Flex  - Data grid property

    Ambili Level 1
      Hi folks,

      Good morning...

      Is there any possibility to add a button in Data grid.. ?

      I am stuck up in a scenario like this..

      I am displaying a hotel list with hotel name , its rate and availabilty in a datagrid in three columns.

      Against each row in the data grid , i need to add a button as 'Book Now' which redirects me to next page.

      I tried to include this button in the fourth column of data grid.. .

      But flex is not allowing me to add any controls in data grid..

      I need to add images and button against each hotel in the list.

      How can i acheive this functionality..

      Please give me suggestion on this...

      Thanks in Advance,
      Ambili Surendran

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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          I haven't tried it myself but you might be able to do it with custom item renderers. Flex documentation should have more info on item renderers. Alex Harui's blog has some examples on item renderers:

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            Ambili Level 1
            Thanks Mete for ur reply.

            I have already solved the problem. Item renderer can do this task.

            <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Book Now"sortable="false">
            <mx:HBox width="25%" horizontalCenter="0" horizontalAlign="center">
            <mx:Button id="book" label="Book Now" />

            thx mete once again... can u please reply for the doubt i have asked in flex data services. i have sent reply for that too..

            thnx in advance
            Ambili Surendran