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    Component referencing in flash builder 4?


      I am building an opensource software to manage plant species for scientific and preservational purposes.

      In the application I have a main component called greenbank with a viewstack that switches after the login to a navigator content where the interface is located.
      Inside this stack I have a tabnavigator with  navigatorcontents conteining external MXML files.
      These external MXML files contain themselves tab navigators and inside them a mxml component, for instance containing a grid.
      In other words the components are nested one inside the other.

      My problem is related to actionScript referencing of these components from (and to) the default MXML file, or generically referencing components to each other.

      The (simplified) structure is like this:

      greenBank.mxml                                                                the mail mxml file
              cmpBaseData                                             contained in the tab navigator of the main MXML file
                       cmpBaseDataTabTaxa                                    contained in the tab navigator of cmpBaseData

      My problem is:

      How to reference them from one each other via actionscript? For example from greenBank.mxml to the second grade of nesting cmpBaseDataTabTaxa.mxml?


      Here is a screenshot:

      Thanks to any would help