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    Extracting Flash Builder 4 fails (Windows 7)


      Dear all,


      as the heading indicates I have a problem of extracting Flash Builder 4 from its original download file (FlashBuilder_4_LS10.exe). It doesn't work on a fresh Windows 7 installation. The program tells me that it is preparing the files to be extracted and then nothing.


      I tried the extract on a Windows 2003 Server machine and there it works. However, it is also a problem the copy the extracted files back on my Windows 7 machine. It get stuck in the process of copying.


      Now I zipped the directory and was able to copy to my Windows 7 machine. But... installing the IDE stops at 15% and is adding to the time remaining to install (currently at 50 minutes and rising)


      Have you had this problem before? If so, any workaround for it?


      Cheers, Thomas