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    Exporting to Mac and DVD issues



      I have several projects made using after effects and PE8. I have to render them as .mov files. Luckily I have managed to maintain the quality. Now I am trying to put them all together add music and save a copy to the mac and burn to DVD.

      1. I can not save as a AVI which is the one with the least compression. What is my other alternative with a mac. I just want to be able to keep a copy on the Mac

      2. The quality after burning to a DVD is atrocious and some of the movie clips are jumpy. Where am I am I going wrong? There's not much to chose from when burning to DVD.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not clear from you post as what point in your workflow you're moving to a Mac or even what software you're using to create your DVD. (It couldn't be Premiere Elements 8, since that only runs on Windows.) So it's impossible to address your quality questions.


          But to your other question:

          A DV-MOV and a DV-AVI use exactly the same compression system, so you can pretty much use the interchangeably. And After Effects will certainly produce an MOV using DV compression and 48k audio.


          The jumpiness in your DVD is most likely related to your source files. What kind of camcorder did this video come from and which setting did you select when you set up your Premiere Elements project? If you're using an MPEG of some soft, for instance, as your source footage (which uses upper field first interlacing) and you put it in a project that's set up for DV (which uses lower field first interlacing), your end result will be jumpy and stuttery. (I cover this in detail and explain what do to about it in my books, by the way.)


          But without knowing more about the specifics of your workflow, it's hard to give any more specific advice.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I do a lot of work with 3D animators, on the Mac, and have them deliver the files as MOV w/ the Animation CODEC. These work very well (on my PC), and burn to DVD very nicely.


            What are the specs. of your AE Comp?


            Also, as Steve asks, your exact workflow might yield clues as to the loss in quality.


            Good luck,



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              mattymaky Level 1

              Wow you guys are so fast and helpful.

              Many thanks in advance.

              I was pondering over things and seeing if I should fiddle a bit more before replying.


              Firstly typo. I am using PE9 for the whole thing.

              I have > 100 photos and trying to put them into montages and show them.

              I bought several online After effects templates to compile the montages. I am new to AE and didn't really have time to teach myself how to make great stuff on AE for this project. This was easy I then rendered them as .mov with animation codec. So that's why when I play back the quality is really good.

              Then I made 2 separate projects on PE8 basically making a slide show with text, transitions etc. There are not many options for me to chose from to export with for Mac, PAL/NTSC standard or widescreen.

              Then I am trying to use PE( to put all the .mov files together, 5 in total. The ones I made in AE are great but the ones in PE9 are the jumpy ones. Plus I do lose a lot in quality of the photos when I burn to DVD.


              New to this but what specs would you want to know?


              The 3 from after effects are

              Image size 1920 x 1080

              Pixel depth 24

              Frame rate 29.97

              Pixel axial ratio 1


              For the ones made in PE9 are

              Image size 720 x 576

              Pixel depth 24

              Frame rate 25

              Pixel axial ratio 1.45


              So what project settings should I chose for the final project and when exporting to DVD (I need PAL)

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                First, you'll need to ensure that you've selected a 720x480 DV format for your Composition. If you try to output a hi-def format from After Effects and use it in a Premiere Elements DV project, you'll be working against yourself.


                So, if you've already done your project at 1920x1080 in After Effects, open up a standard def 720x480 DV composition (widescreen, most likely) and put your hi-def Compisition inside it.


                After you send that standard def Composition to the Render Cue, you will find the option there to save it as a DV Quicktime file.


                You should be able to load the resultant DV file into a standard (widescreen) DV Premiere Elements project.


                Or am I getting confused here?


                Are you trying to send Premiere Elements projects to After Effects or After Effects projects to Premiere Elements? And are you working on the Windows or Mac version of Premiere Elements? And which software are you using to create your DVD?