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    Is databinding in a TextFlow possible from a Skin ?

    Avangel Level 1



      This may look like a newbie question, but I've found no answer when googling... I'm trying to set the contents of a RichText using binding to the skin's host component, like this:


           <s:RichText width="100%">
                          This value comes from the host component:
                          {hostComponent.customer.name}. Fine.


      I think I tried everything, using a RichEditableText, removing the explicit TextFlow declaration, etc. It seems that there is simply no support for data binding in TLF...


      I expect in the worst case that the RichText control simply displays the raw binding code. But instead it is displaying nothing at all, not even the static text before and after the binding...


      Any clue on what is possible or not with data binding in TLF ?


      And if data binding is not possible in TLF, what is the cleanest approach for creating hyperlinks in Flex 4, whether alone or inline other text (all of this using data binding...) ?


      Thanks in advance,