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    Reader (X) and 3D PDFs


      The company I work for recently switched over to using PDFs for a 2D drawing achiving format. With that said, we are considering also storing a 3D PDF with the CAD data to send to customers as well. We use Reader 9.4.1 for viewing and Pro/E Wildfire 5.0 for generation (or well, now it's being renamed to Creo Elements/Pro). For some reason, other users can create the 3D PDFs (pdf u3d) just fine, yet I have a strange problem. I can generate the file and when it opens, it shows an image of the model. Then after clicking on it to activate, the document goes blank and only shows the default gray PDF background, yet still shows the model tree with options to manipulate it as usual. So basically, once activating the 3D PDF, I cannot view or spin the model. Other users can view the same PDF though just fine, yet I cannot view theirs. As a result and frustration, I decided to upgrade to Reader X to see if it would fix my problem. Obviously it didn't work and things are still the same. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.