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    RED Audio continually reconforming on Mac OSX

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      I'm back... still helping my prof friend teach his students in their Mac lab.


      We've successfully got them editing in Premiere (had to get the IT department down to the lab and boot them all into the root user and do that whole thing before they could playback their footage)... Anyway, they're up and running but I've got several of them (not all) who are having difficulty with their audio.


      Initially it appeared that they had to play the footage, pause it, and then begin it playing back again before they'd get audio. I discovered that the reason was that the clip had to take a few seconds to begin conforming the audio before they could go with it.


      However, one student in particular has noticed that on her system, every time she reloads the clip into the source monitor (after putting it in her bin) the audio has to conform again... Premiere, apparently, isn't keeping the cfa and pek files as it should.


      I've done a quick search of the forum, but can't find anybody else with this problem... any ideas?