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    IDE error

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      OK. I un-install and re-installed a few times an it finally excepted my FB
      2.01 Serial # but now I can't compile because of this error message.

      a cycle was detected in the build path of project

      I don't know what that means and I can't seem to find anything usefull in


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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          Hi Bill,

          This error message means that there is an endless loop in how your projects depend on each other, making it impossible to correctly build. For example, compiling project A requires the build output of project B, and compiling project B also requires A.

          Eclipse sometimes gives these error by mistake, so try doing a clean of all the projects in your workspace.

          If that doesn't fix it, go to the project's Properties, and see if your Library Paths create an endless loop. If not, you can also check the more general list under Properties > Project References.

          Hope that helps,

          - Peter