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    J2EE - Flex end-to-end setup

    J2ee_user Level 1

      I have a J2EE application with all backend services in java deployed in

      JBOss. We want to develop a Flex front using these services. I am trying to

      set up my eclipse environment to develop and debug both flex and backend

      java. I am not using any FDS specific services. Just remoteobject calls from

      Flex to my java services.

      I installed FlexBuilder 3 plugin for eclipse 3.2. Also installed Lifecycle

      ES 2.5(not sure if I need it for my scenario). Tried creating Flex project

      both with and without Lifecycle Data services specifying Jboss 4 as my J2EE

      server. In both cases the code is not automatically synced with jboss. I

      deployed the project manually to JBoss but debugging is not working, gives

      source not found error.

      Can somebody let me know how to go about this? Or point me to a doc which

      details how to set up a project in Flex Builder 3 plugin? All the docs I

      found are for 2.