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    Rendering in 1080i

    futurefilmboss Level 1

      First, Happy Holidays to All,


      I just bought my first HD Camera - A Canon Vixia HF21. It's smart, snappy and easy to use.

      It takes great video and I did a little backyard shoot of the dog to test it out.

      I brought it into PE 8.01 and looked at it and thought it would look kind of cool if I feathered it a bit so I did and it looked great in the editor. Just what I wanted.

      I then selected share in PE and choose the MPEG2 1080i 30. When done I viewed the video (which looked great) but

      the feathering effect was gone. It appears as if PE did not respect it.

      Then I went back into PE and decided I'd try another effect and this time rather then feather I cropped it a small amount on the left

      and right. Again same results.


      So ignorance is abound here and don't know if I need to do something else as part of sharing in 1080i to get PE to repect the effects

      or if this is just the name if the game and I have to live with it - which doesn't make a lot of sense.


      Any help is appreciated and thanks are offered in advance,



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Which project settings did you select when you started your Premiere Elements project?


          And how precisely did you apply your Feather effect?

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            futurefilmboss Level 1

            Thanks Steve for your reply.

            I used the default project settings and the way I applied the feathre effect was to select the clip in the time line, then go to edit, effects, selected feather and then clicked on apply. Is this not correct?



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >default project settings


              Default meaning?


              You must EXACTLY match your project setting to the codec you are using

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                There is an Edge Feather effect. Is that what you used?


                If so, when you applied it, did you see the effect you wanted in the Monitor -- or did you edit the effect in any way?


                As John says, the mismatch in project settings and your source footage could be part of the problem.

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                  futurefilmboss Level 1

                  You guys have been great pointing me in the right direction.

                  The problem now is being ble to translate the different modes available on the Canon to the right project preset.

                  The camre a CAnon Vixia HF21 has 5 different recording modes and the manual says using "AVCHD" specifications

                  According to the Canon manual there are :

                  MXP Mode = 24mbps

                  FXP Mode = 17mbps

                  XP Mode = 12mbps

                  SP Mode = 7mbps

                  LP Mode = 5mbps

                  Supposedly the MXP and FXP modes are 1920x1080 and the others are 1440x1080 per the manual

                  So now the question is mapping any of these to the right preset project settings (or do I need a custom defined project setting)

                  I don't plan on shooting in Full had right away and will likely use the XP mode which is 1440x1080, so I'm guessing

                  that when I start a new project, I should select my project settings under the

                  AVCHD section of available presets and either select

                  the HD1080I 30 or the

                  HD1080I 5.1 Channel.

                  Am I on the right track at this point?

                  The reason I question myself here is that there is another group of presets called "Hard Disk, Flash Memory, Camcorders and this camera has build in memory

                  (64 GB) that is a SD/SDHC card and under these availble presets there are 4 presets

                  HD1080 I 30 which is 1920x1080

                  HD1080 I 30 (60i) which is 1440 x1080 (and this camera does support 60i)

                  Standard 48 KHZ which is 720x480 and

                  Widescreen 48kHZ which also is 720x480


                  So, I'm guessing that if I'm shooting in 60l I'll need to use the 2nd one from the top in the 2nd group of presets since there are no presets under AVCHD that openly state support for 60i. True?


                  Thanks again in advance for your help.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    These multi-format camcorders are going to be the death of me!


                    I'd recommend, if you plan to shoot in Premiere Elements, that you only shoot in MXP mode and that you use the appropriate AVCHD project preset when you start your Premiere Elements project.


                    The other modes may or may not be compatible with the program.

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                      futurefilmboss Level 1

                      HI Steve,


                      I think I got it locked down.

                      I did a test shoot in XP mode and then selected for the preset

                      NTSC AVCHD-HD-1080i 30 and this preset is for frame size

                      1440x1080 and all seems to be ok.

                      The featering effect was respected and the video looked good.

                      I'd like to shoot in MXP and this would likely be fine except the diskspace

                      requirements are intense and the online storage costs would be

                      pretty severe, so for now I'll probably stick with

                      the XP mode with the preset as mentioned.



                      Also, when I shared I shared in mpeg2 1440x1080i 30.


                      Thank you for your generous help.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Great news, Dan!