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    IFrames in RoboHelp


      My group is looking into embedding IFrames into topics in RoboHelp, in order to single-source certain content that would otherwise have to be duplicated in multiple manuals; the same basic idea as using a snippet, except this approach doesn't require that the shared content all be in the same project. This seems to work fine with the compiled project, but the problem is we also need to be able to convert our RoboHelp projects to Word, then to PDF for printing. Unfortunately, Word doesn't seem to recognize the IFrame, or to pull in the content from the URL referenced in the IFrame, I'm not sure which. The result is that the content within the IFrame that displays just fine in RoboHelp simply disappears when the project is converted to Word; no error messages, or anything - it just isn't there anymore. Anyone have any insights on why this happens, or any suggested workarounds? BTW, we're using RoboHelp HTML 7. Our output format is FlashHelp, but I don't think this has anything to do with the problem.