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    Publish vs copying files manually

      I've generated my projecton my local machine (and it looks great, thank you very much).
      but I need to put it out there where others can see/use it.

      I'm not sure what 'Publish" is all about. In the past I've just copied all the files and folders that were created as a result of 'Generate' ing. Is this the same, or does Publish do something else?

      If it makes a difference, this will need to be merged with other projects - which they plan to do tomorrow (when I am un-helpfully out of town)

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Your way all the files get copied and that is OK. Publishing gives you the option of selecting just to update what has changed. Another reason for publishing is that sometimes you need to put something on the server that is outside the project. Your way would trash that stuff and you would have to redo it. If your way works, stick with it.

          Merging is something you do as part of the set up. How can others do it without access to RoboHelp?