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    AVCHD to HDV

    ghijohansson Level 1

      Premiere Elements can import AVCHD but not export. Right?


      Which means  that editing AVCHD means convert to HDV. AVCHD is mpg4 compressed with  resolution 1920*1080. HDV is mpg2 compressed with resolution 1440*1080, which at  playback is interpolated to 1920*1080.


      As far as I can see, this means  that editing AVCHD means loss of data. Because the film must be recoded to  another technical standard, which has lower resolution.


      And after  creating an HDV file, it may be relevant to turn that file into BLU-RAY, which  should mean one more change of technical standard. Right?


      How to minimize  loss of information?


      And yes, I understand that if I first create one HDV  file, and then cut away part of it, there will be a new recoding, which should  mean more loss of information.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There would be virtually no loss of data in interpolating frame size. Certainly no more so than in going from AVCHD or HDV to BluRay disc.


          And, in Premiere Elements 9, the program edits AVCHD natively, if you select the right project preset for your camcorder. So there is no file conversion until you output your video.