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    Timeline View Adjustment


      I have a CS5 demo edition that I"m testing out.  I seem to be able to adjust the timeline 'view' from 0 to 21 seconds.  However I don't seem to be able to go beyond 21 seconds.  Nor do I have a horizontal scrollbar that would allow me to keep the 20 second time range, but view seconds 21 - 41.


      The reason why I ask is I have an animation sequence that I'm building for a state transition that's about 1 minute + long.


      This installation is on a Mac if that makes a difference.




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          mattcom Level 1

          Just as an added note.  This timeline issue does not appear to be based on Mac VS PC.  It seems to be based on screen dimensions.  The wider the screen, the more seconds Catalyst can show.


          I think there needs to be a horizontal scrollbar for the timeline.