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    AdvancedDataGrid column resizing not working.


      Flex sdk: 3.2

      Flash player: 10

      OS: Windows

      Browser: IE or FireFox


      I have an ADG for which column resizing does not work properly.   Unfortunately, I cannot create a standalone example that reproduces the problem.   The problem appears to be fairly straightforward: when the user drags the column to resize, the component appears to compute a delta that uses an incorrect combination of component and parent component X origins.   As a result, as the ADG is placed farther to the right, the error increases.


      I have tried the 3.5 and 4.1 sdks but encountered enough new compiler and startup errors that I gave up.


      I have developed a workaround by handling the mousedown and columnstretch events on my own.   I discovered that the event object coordinates seemed to be inconsistent and flat out wrong.  On the other hand, I found the ADG mousex coordinates to be more reliable.   On columnstretch, I then set the minWidth of the target column to my computed width  and it seems to fix the problem.   Actually, I don't understand why that would work.


      That said, is there a known problem with certain containment hierarchies that can create this situation.   I would prefer not to override builtin behavior unless I have to.   Is it possible that a styling skin could cause this (something I did not add to my standalone example)?   I noticed that a skin was the "target" (not "currenttarget" of the event).


      Thanks for any help,