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    Publishing for AICC Compliance


      I am searching for detailed instructions on how to publish content for completion upon 80% of screens viewed.  We are using PeopleSoft/Oracle 9.0 and content is hosted on a different server than the LMS.


      Currently I am able to receive completion only if the content is viewed in one session.  If I close out the browser prior to achieving completion and re-open course, the course never proceeds past the Adobe presenter preloader.


      I am unable to provide sample files as corporate policy prohibits me.

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          Try inserting a Flash movie (.swf) into the Presenter presentation at the 80% complete slide.

          With the Flash movie, select HTML as a format, then 'Flash with Aicc Tracking' as the HTML template.


          In frame 1 of the Flash movie, insert the command: fscommand (“MM_cmiSetLessonStatus”, “c”);

          Publish the Flash movie, the HTML is created for you. Copy the HTML file to the folder with the published Presenter files.. Include the published


          Hope it works (if you have not already resolved).