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    Reader X won't open

    pete54401 Level 1

      Installed Reader X on Vista Business and sometimes can't open a pdf file from my browser IE (7). Sometimes freezes browser and have to use Task Manager to close. Some times if I open Acrobat 8 and just leave it open this helps, sometimes it doesn't. Can find no common pattern to when I can and can't open the file but never had a problem until I upgraded to Reader X. Have Security settings wide open and pop up blockers off.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reader X and Acrobat are not supported on the same Windows system. It is known to cause problems some of which you may now be experiencing.

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            I'm running Acrobat Pro 8.1.7 and Reader X.  Just had my first issues today.  Started out that I couldn't print from Reader X in Firefox but was still able to print in IE8.  Then I couldn't open Reader X or uninstall Reader X.  I could repair it, but it had no effect on the problems.


            Eventually, I deleted any Adobe process (3 total) that was running from Task Manager, and Reader X began working again.  Acrobat works as well right now.  (One process was duplicated, and there was another process running as well.  Sorry, I was frustrated and didn't take the time to write down what they were.)


            I can't give up Acrobat and Live Cycle Designer.  And I don't want to give up Reader X.  If the issues don't get any worse than occasionally having to delete 2 or 3 processes, I can live with that for a bit while I hope Adobe will resolve these issues at some point.  If the problem becomes more complicated, then I guess it's bye bye Reader X unfortunately.