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    5.03 Update has removed Codecs


      I'm confused as to how Premiere Pro has gone from having all the codecs to only having the codecs available in the trial version. I downloaded the 5.03 update Wednesday morning and I haven't been able to open a project that I was working on since. Since the sequence was HDV (which is absent from the codecs list now), I get a dialog box the reads: THIS PROJECT CONTAINED A SEQUENCE THAT COULD NOT BE OPENED. NO SEQUENCE PREVIEW PRESET FILE OR CODEC COULD BE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SEQUENCE TYPE.


      Why would the 5.03 update have removed all these codecs to basically turn my purchased copy of Premiere Pro into a trial version? I should also point out that I haven't had an opportunity to uninstall/reinstall yet. Where I work the Production Premium Bundle discs get sent to the help desk and I have to wait for them to get here with the discs. So I am hoping to find a solution while I wait for them.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!