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    Java Script fields not working on completed form




      This is likely a basic question but I can't find the answer anywhere - and I apologize if this should be the Acro forms forum.


      I completed a rather simple form using Livecycle where the user enters data and a script adds it up and places it in a "total" field.  I saved as a dynamic pdf and tested it out fine.  I sent it out to a few clients and a few advised me that the total field wasn't being populated after they entered data - the other clients sent back completed forms so I know it worked for some but not for all.  One client stated that they recieved a message stated that they had to enable java in order for the form to work (not the exact wording) and they ok'd it but the form still didn't work.


      I can't imagine that each end user needs certain settings or updated java to use a form (or maybe I'm wrong).  I'm thinking I have to do something on my end before sending it out so the form always works.


      Any advice would be appreciated.