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    Flash Catalyst Launch Error Problem

    Jeffo24 Level 1



      I recently installed the web production of Adobe CS5. I have been trying to launch Flash Catalyst and been getting this error message:


      Internal Error:

      "A file system error is preventing Adobe Flash Catalyst from launching"


      Then I have to hit "ok" and the program doesn't load, does anyone know how to fix this?


      Thank you.

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          paulmorgan69 Level 1

          I'm having this same problem. Any luck on a solution?

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            freestyle-acat Level 1

            Same error but here's more info

            FC launches fine when logged in as a standard local user account on the machine.

            FC fails to launch when logged in on a network user account (LDAP, Open Directory account on XServe).


            This makes me think that FC is trying to write a file in a location that is forbidden for it to use.


            I've deleted all network user Preferences files and it still fails to launch.

            I've deleted all netowrk user Application Support Files and it still fails to launch.


            Problem exists for my configurations


            iMac, MacBook Pros

            All Adobe updates for CS5 up to date

            No other Adobe apps in the Master Suite collection have similar problems.


            Somebody out there has a fix for this...please help.