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    RED timecode issue (displays incorrect information)


      I am currently using the latest release of Adobe Premiere CS5 (5.0.3). I'm on a 8core mac with 16gb of ram, running the latest version of OSX (10.5.8).



      I've imported many clips shot on the RED camera (at 4.5k). The issue is occuring with the timecode of the RED files. Adobe is displaying the incorrect information that is inbedded into R3D files.



      Picture 2.png

      As you can see the preview monitor is displaying the files timecode wrong. (The camera was jammed to the slate).


      Most of you would probably assume that the camera was just imporoperly jammed, but if I open the source properties menu for the file it displays the correct timecode.



      Picture 4.png

      It is off by one frame which is probably from the cameras clock drifting over the course of the day.


      Is there any known fix for this? does anyone know a work around? Thank you in advance,