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    Ikegami GFCam and  Premiere Workflow

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      Hi all,


      I am new to Premiere, but versed in Avid and FCP.  Does anyone have suggestions for the best workflow with an Ikegami GFCam HDS-V10 that records to a GFPak?  I believe the mxf files produced by the GFCam are most similar to XDCAM.  In terms of our Avid workflow (I have yet to tackle this task with FCP) we must transcode each GFPak clip that is imported to Avid and moved to the storage drive.  Considering the XDCAM similarities, can I expect the mxf files to be received natively?


      For our P2 camera clips, I am simply working from the MXF files which are pulled from the cards to the storage drive before importation into Avid.  If there is a better workflow for this too, please let me know, but based on the small bit of research I've done in teh 2 hours I've had my hands on the new software and computer today that hte latter method is common place because the mxf files are native to Premiere.  Can a simliar approach be used for the GFPak clips?


      Otherwise, the method I'm thinkign would be to import the mxf files from the GFPak into AME (this is Adobe Media Encoder correct? just making sure I've got my acronyms right as I dive into Premiere forums/discussions)  and convert to another format which might be more compatible/efficient to work with in Premiere.  Am I headed in the right direction?  Any suggestions for optimal codecs to transfer to?


      It seems the Ikegami shooter is few and far between, so any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated!




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I think the best answer here would be to simply try it out.  Report back the results for others to read.

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            Just in case anyone's curious, I found a solution to the Ikegami import problem.  It requries the plug-in at the link below.  It's a little bit pricey, but seems to be the only option out there.




            Among other things I attempted, which all failed, was to pass it through Media Encoder first, but neither AME or PP had hte capacity to link the audio and video mxf files stored on the GFPak.


            The plug-in allows PP to do so, and media may be imported using the Media Browser.  While PP links the audio and video it does not hide the file structure like it does with P2, just giving you a thumbnail image.  You need to be sure to pull your clips from the 'Video' folder.  The audio will come right along with upon import, have no fear!


            Happy to say I only really struggled with this for a solid day with the help of my IT staff .  I thought it would have taken much longer to find a solution.