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    Compiling for desktop vs. mobile?

    Aaron Hildebrandt Level 1

      I started playing around with Air this week and was impressed with how quickly I could get an application up and running using Aptana, writing the application interface in HTML/CSS and the logic in JavaScript. I have a question about deployment, though -- in an article about @font-face support in Air 2.5,  the author uses the phrase, "If you build applications for mobile, then web fonts are supported through the StageWebView control."


      Does that mean that developing for the desktop and designing mobile applications have to be done two different ways? Can I take my Aptana project and compile it to run on Android, or are there different development methods for different platforms? I was under the impression that Air was a code-once-run-everywhere kind of deal, so I'm a little confused. Is creating a mobile application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript possible?