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    How to Improve Screen Captures?


      I just downloaded Flash Professional CS5 to try it out.  I have no experience with this but I have a general idea of the basics, tween, frames etc.  My goal and interest is to be able to make small animations to enhance screen capture videos.


      I started by capturing 5 minutes of Screen Action on my computer.  I converted from WMV to Fla and brought it into Flash.  I brought it in to the time line thinking Flash would make lots of key frames to handle all the changes between frames that were within the video.  Instead all I got was a solid gray box from one end to the other indicating content with no changes!


      I would now like to erase some black lines on a white background in the original video and make changes to them.  I find if I go to the middle of the time line I can insert a keyframe but changes can not be made.


      Is this something I should be able to do with Flash CS5?