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    Saving split clips individually?


      I keep _almost_ finding my answer here, but still not quite.


      Here is the situation: I have a DVD of film-to-video conversion of old 8mm movies from long ago. I have pulled the 50 minutes of video off the dvd and into Premiere. I have played it through, split it into short segments as filmed on the 8mm originals, and deleted the junk.


      So now I have a timeline with about 50 short clips split out from the original.

      I want to export them as 50 short little videos to pick and choose from for other things.

      It is not practical to Save-As into 50 different projects and delete-all-but-one-and-export.


      I have tried every variation that I can think of to drag and drop, or copy-paste, etc.

      What is the trick here? How do I export all these little clips?