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    Inconsistent 1060 error using fscommand


      CS4 - AS3




      I have 2 projector projects that use a similar line of code to open an application ...

      myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myButtonClick);
      function myButtonClick(event:MouseEvent):void{



      The older of the two projects publishes without any problems but when I publish the new one with the exact same code and publish settings I get this 1060 error ...


      "Warning: 1060: Migration issue: The method fscommand is no longer  supported. Moved to flash.system package. Also, please see  flash.external.External.Interface class for Javascript/ActionScript  communication."


      I also added this code to the first frame to remove Flash controls ...


      fscommand("showmenu", "false"); ... which produces the same error.


      I have done a lot of searching and have posed this question on other Flash community boards but I found nothing that explains why two projects using the same code, published the same way would behave like this. I also have not gotten any responses on this question at other boards.


      I have an fscommand folder in the same directory where my projector files is located.


      Can I use fscommand in AS3? I have before. In general the error seems poorly worded or completely inaccurate as it clearly states that it is "No longer supported" which does not seem to leave much up to interpretation. Is it or isn't it?