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    Export to QT Animation finishes encoding, but doesn't complete


      I am exporting 1080p footage with the following output settings:


      QuickTime Animation

      Quality 68%

      1.0 pixels



      We did a few test to check the quality, size, and time used to render at these setting before setting it loose on a 40 min sequence. The progress bar moved forward steadily matching the estimated time in about 3 hours. Now it has reached the end, the estimated time says 0:00 and it looks like it is done.


      Except that the status still says "encoding" rather than a green check. I looked at the hard drive, and the file that is being exported says 0 kb, and the date modified is the time that it started rendering. And yet I watched it encoding frame by frame in the little preview window and exported 3 smaller sections from this same sequence successfully just before as tests.


      I've no waited about an hour after it "finished" and I'm starting to worry. I have to deliver this footage in the morning so I don't have a whole lot of time to do MORE troubleshooting after I finally found the right settings.


      Help anyone?